Learn to Swing Dance in San Luis Obispo

Since 2000, the SLO Rugcutters have been hosting weekly dances at the Madonna Inn every Monday night from 8-11pm. We starting hosting dance lessons from late 2014 to mid-2018 at the Claddagh Dance Studio in SLO, with Level 1 at 7pm and Level 2 at 6pm. Starting September 3rd, 2018, we are now located at the World Rhythm & Motion Studio in SLO and continue to provide swing dance lessons for all ages and experience levels on the Central Coast.

World Rhythm & Motion Studio

We are located in the World Rhythm & Motion Studio, 3422 Miguelito Court, San Luis Obispo, California. Join us for classes every Monday night before dancing at Madonna Inn.

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Dancing is For Everyone!

Swing dancing is a fun an exciting activity for all ages. Join us in class and at the Madonna Inn for a night of dancing each Monday. Beginners always welcome!

Madonna Inn

Free social dancing Monday night from 8-11pm. Come check it out before taking a class if you're not sure the dance is right for you!

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"I’ve never seen a lindy hopper who wasn’t smiling. It’s a happy dance. It makes you feel good." - Frankie Manning

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What is Swing Dance?


Want even more dancing? Our friends over at CP Swing are a Cal Poly student run dance group that offers dance and lesson opportunities for both swing and blues. They host semi-annual workshops bringing in talented teachers from all over, along with a yearly Lindy Exchange which draws hundreds for the weekend!

Check out their website to learn more: https://www.cpswingandblues.com/



World Rhythm & Motion Studio
3422 Miguelito Ct
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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